Due to the unprecedented success of our special deal on boiler servicing, this offer has been extended. We will continue to  offer a full boiler service for the lowly sum of £50**!

What you get for your money:

We will check all your boiler controls and components for correct operation.

Will clean vital parts, such as the burner and fan, to improve gas efficiency and help prevent CO formation.

We will analyse your Boiler flue output.

We will check for scale and rust build up in your boiler and heating system.

We will check your radiators, valves and visible pipework for signs of leaks and corrosion.

All servicing work will be carried out as per the manufacturers recommendations.

Having your Gas Boiler serviced could actually save you money. Deposits built up inside your boiler and heating system will reduce the efficiency of the system, leading to higher gas bills. An annual service will help maintain your system efficiency - and save you money - especially welcome in the present economic climate....



Don't delay! This offer can't last forever.The call is free so phone us today to book your appointment


0800 410 1040



* Offer may be extended.

** Does not include VAT or and manufacturers service kits. A very small number of boilers require service kits. Remember to have you boiler model available when you phone to book.


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