Boiler Service

An annual gas boiler service is often seen as an unnecessary expense - it it ain't broke why fix it? Well....

Just like a car, your boiler contains moving parts and every now and again these need checking to ensure they are running efficiently and safely. Water and the products of combustion are both highly corrosive and will slowly cause wear to boilers and heating systems. If allowed to carry on unchecked you could end up with, at best,  an inefficient system or ultimately with a highly dangerous leak of carbon monoxide.


Gas boiler servicing and efficiency

Having your Gas Boiler serviced could actually save you money. Deposits built up inside the boiler and heating system will reduce the efficiency of the system, leading to higher gas bills. An annual service will help maintain your system efficiency - and save you money - especially welcome in the present economic climate....

We will check all your boiler controls and components for correct operation.
Will clean vital parts, such as the burner and fan, to improve gas efficiency and help prevent CO formation.
We will analyse your Boiler flue output.
We will check for scale and rust build up in your boiler and heating system.
We will check your radiators, valves and visible pipework for signs of leaks and corrosion.
All servicing work will be carried out as per the manufacturers recommendations.

Don't take chances with the lives of your family - get your boiler serviced regularly.

Check our Special Offers page for information on our Boiler Servicing offers.

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